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Language for Empowering Global Citizens - Plant Your Own Seeds 

Nagoya City University has launched a language curriculum based on the philosophy of Language for Global Citizenship - Plant Your Own Seeds - in order to realize a liberal arts education that promotes open-minded and independent learning.

名古屋市立大学は、のびやかで主体的な学びを推進する教養教育を実現するため、Language for Global Citizenship - Plant Your Own Seeds - を理念とする語学カリキュラムをスタートしました。

New Students / 新入生の皆さんへ

Congratulations on your enrollment! 入学おめでとうございます!

Please watch the introduction video. まず、語学科目の紹介ビデオをご覧下さい。

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Continuing Students / 必修単位を取り終えた皆さんへ

You can still take language courses even after completing the required credits! 必修単位を取り終わえても、語学科目は履修できる!

Please watch the video.


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Come visit the Self-Access Center or become a student assistant!

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Student Activities

Here's what NCU students have been up to in and outside of their language classes!

Time to Act Now

Follow the AE: Raise Health and Environmental Awareness course's Instagram account to see how students are getting involved and helping out the Aichi community.

  Let's Go!  

Action in English Film Festival

Watch short films produced by students in the AE: Produce a Movie course. Cast your vote for the awards!

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English Film Club

We are a group of students and teachers who enjoy watching and discussing films in English! 
Why don't you join us?

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2024 Course Catalog

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